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Get Unbelievably Fast Broken Key Replacement Services When You Call Us

When key breaks, it is a cringeworthy moment, but there is good news…


Katy Locksmith Pros is here for all of your automotive, commercial and residential locksmith needs. And broken key removal, replacement and repair services are one of our specialties. We have developed a solid reputation in this region as one of the top locksmith companies because we offer these benefits, just to name a few:

  • Home and vehicle lock repair when a key break
  • Emergency key replacement
  • Up-front pricing for all of our services
  • Locksmiths are available at any time of the day or night and arrive immediately when you call for help
  • Insured, bonded and licensed technicians with years of experience

You see

When one of our technicians performs broken key extractions, they will remove the key without causing any damages. In some cases, a locksmith can lubricate or fix the lock, but if it is damaged, then we can replace it with a new one and provide you a new set of keys on the spot.

Receive Assistance Fast When You Call Us to Remove Broken Keys For Your Home Or Car

We’ve all been there…

When customers contact us they are often in an emergency locksmith situation because a key has broken inside a lock and they are stuck outside. We have had customers call us from the parking lot at Babin’s Seafood House asking for our help because their car key broke in their ignition.

Not only that

We are often asked to come to a customer’s home asap because they are standing outside with bags full of groceries, half their key in their hand and the other half stuck in the lock. There have also been plenty of situations where a customer has called us because they office key is stuck in the door and they have a big presentation they have to prepare for.


In the end

No matter what the situation is, if your key is stuck or broken you can always be sure we will arrive fast and be able to fix the problem in no time.

3 Tips To Prevent Keys From Breaking

# 1

If you notice the lock is stiff or you are having trouble turning your key, try to use a lock lubricant. This cheap and easy solution is a great way to prevent keys from breaking.

# 2

Never apply too much force to a key that is stuck. Basically, if it doesn’t come out with minimal effort, there is a problem. If you try to force it, you will most likely end up causing more damage.

# 3

Use the right key! This sounds like a no-brainer but people are oftentimes in a rush and don’t’ pay attention. You wouldn’t believe the high number of calls we get every week where someone has accidently put their house key in their car ignition and it got stuck.

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