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Are You Sick Of Carrying A Ton Of Keys Around?

We know the feeling, and that’s why we are happy to offer life-changing services for a  new master key lock system for your business.

The benefits are undeniable…

katy locksmith pros master key lock system

Simplify your life and enhance the security of your business or commercial facility with affordable master key solutions from Katy Locksmith Pros. We provide reliable assistance that ranges from making repairs and adjustments to existing systems, to the setup and installation of new multi-access systems.

Not Sure If We Are The Company For You?

Well, consider this…

We’re a licensed, bonded and insured local locksmith company located just around the corner from your business. We offer full installation and repair services for any type of lock you may need for your business, including master key lock systems.

Some more reasons to choose us for your commercial locksmith needs…

Just consider our round-the-clock availability, even on weekends and holidays. Plus, we are guaranteed to arrive at your location within thirty minutes after you call us. You also get extremely low rates and upfront pricing.

Not only that…

Being local allows us to arrive quickly to assess any issues with your keys or lock setup. You may also schedule a consultation to discuss an upgrade from a traditional lock type to a master system.

Little Known Facts About Master Key Lock Systems

Simply put, it is a setup that limits access to specific areas of your business without the need for multiple keys. Each secure area of your business would have locks where the first set of tumblers is set differently for each area so only employees with the correct key would be able to gain access to those areas.

The Jaw-Dropping Benefits

Any of your employees who were cleared to access different secure areas would only have to use one key for each of those areas. This type of setup eliminates the need for authorized employees to have separate keys to get into those different areas. Such a setup also reduces the risk that keys will be lost, which enhances the overall security of your business.

The Uses Are Endless

They can be applied to several different situations. For instance, a landlord may use a master key setup to allow access to all rental units; although each tenant would have a different key. Schools, hospitals and other organizations may use a master key system so maintenance and cleaning personnel can get into classrooms and other areas.

Discover Answers To Your Questions

Can adjustments be made to an existing system?

Absolutely! Our trained technicians can quickly and easily make adjustments to tumblers and other elements of your system as required.

Can I limit access for different individuals?

Yes. different access levels can be set for each key that is handed out. For instance, outside contractors who need to work in certain areas can receive a master key that can only be used in those areas.

What should I do if I loose my master key?

Don’t worry. If the missing key can’t be found, we can make another one with the same access specifications.

The simple fact is…

For reliable master key services near you, Katy Locksmith Pros is the only name you need to know. Before any work is done, we’ll be more than happy to provide an honest estimate and fully answer any questions you may have for us. Contact us today for more information on all of our commercial and emergency locksmith services.

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